St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church Ministry 
Bishop Eugene & Church Mother Jackie Cooper, Pastor and Founders
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St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church is Pentecostal and operated right in the city of Sanford Florida. Stop in for a visit, our services come with a personal touch of Love, Faith, Joy and Peace and when you leave you’ll never forget it. St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church was founded in 1976, under the leadership of Bishop Eugene Cooper and Church Mother Jackie Cooper. St. James Motto is “A church built up on love where serving the Lord makes a difference", what we care about the most is your soul, and the need to know that God loves you, and gave his life for you. What sets St. James House of Prayer apart from other churches is that we allow the Faith of God to rule in your life and the opportunity to speak the word of God to his people freely so that you may have an impact in God's Kingdom. St. James House of Prayer believes fully in the Apostle Doctrine, and that Jesus died so that we may live. 
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"Write the vision, and make it plain, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it."
Habakkuk 2:2
"For the vision is yet for an appointed time"
  Habakkuk 2:3
"but at the end it shall speak, and not lie"
 Acting Mother Cassandra Gordon, serves in the capacity of Sunday School Teacher, following in her mother's foot step. Mother Gordon was trained from an early age how to love God and study his word, and that when you spend quality time with God; you become a mature Christian. Mother Gordon is also the first born daughter of Bishop & Mother Cooper . 
Mother Gordon also serves as Youth Department President & Musician. In her spare tie she loves cooking big meals and reading a nice books.
She also loves football (FSU). She has serves with her father since she arrived in this world. Mother Gordon & Husband serves as a team in Education of the church
 Missionary Lorriane Harris, serves as Sunday School Teacher along side Mother Gordon as team players. Missionary Harris has a foundation of the House of Prayer in Miami Fl. Missionary Harris moved to Sanford, Fl, along with family years ago. Missionary Harris wanted to grow her relationship with God. Missionary Harris knows the importance of studying God's Word as a Daily Meal.
She also provides Food for Thought. Growing and Learning the old way is part of her motto.
Sunday School Team 2022
Our Daily Bread  Ministry Team 2022
Greetings I am Mother Bessie Hunter,
Serving over 25 years under 
Bishop Eugene & Church Mother Cooper
 Our goal is to share God's Word with you.
 For a free copy of the Daily Bread  
please call (407) 314-8822 Mother Bessie Hunter 

July - September  2022 Daily Bread Now Available

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Church Bible Study Teacher
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Church Evangelist & Outreach Team Members
Youth Department
Youth Minister 
Darryl Gordon
Praise Team Singer
Youth Minister 
Aaron Hayes
 Our Church Leaders                                             
Church Mother Jackie Coope Founders                      St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church (Est .1976)

Evangelist Timothy Gordon
Evangelist Missionary Andrea Gordon
Evangelist Team & 5th Sunday Team

Evangelist James Chandler            Evangelist Missionary Lorretha Chandler
Evangelist Team & Outreach
Evangelist Elder Kenneth Gordon
Member Since 1986
Evangelist Lavoera Cooper
(407) 764-0564
Church Administrator 
Outreach Community Coordinator/ Daily Bread

Happy 44th Wedding Anniversary - September2022
Deacon & Deaconess Team 
Usher Team & Greeters
Faithful Families Team
Outreach Mission & Home Team 
Live Music Ministry Team
Our Daily Bread Ministry Team
2nd Sunday Message - August 14, 2022
Our Assistant Pastor Elder Jeffrey Kendrick
Asst, Pastor Elder Jeffrey Kendrick
Assistant Pastor Elder Jeffrey Kendrick                          (Elected 2022)
 St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church
             Our Invitation of Worship for 2022
 St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church
"Our Goal For 2022 is to invite 222 + New Members to the Body of Christ"
         Mother Charlene Gordon 
      (Since 1979)1st Member of 
    St. James House of Prayer of the           Apostolic Faith Church
​Serves as 
Assistant Secretary 
Deaconess (4th Sunday
Pastor Anniversary Coordinator
Women's Day Ministry Team
Mother Bessie Hunter & Mother Geraldine Kendrick