St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church Ministry 
Bishop Eugene & Church Mother Jackie Cooper, Pastor and Founders
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1st Sunday is Youth Day 
Opportunity To Worship With Us! -Sunday Morning @ 11:15am
2nd Sunday is lead by our Assistant Pastor Elder Larry Robinson
3rd Sunday Pastoral and Testimony Service
Our Bishop Eugene Cooper, is a man chosen and sent  by God to do the work for the Lord. A word from our Pastor. When you have just one more Prayer to Pray.  Prayer puts faith in God and moves God’s hand in the world. Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer move God. In the cursing of the fig tree, our Lord demonstrated His power. Following that, He went on to say that large powers were committed to faith and prayer, not to kill but to make alive. Jesus wants us to come to him and seek him daily in order to live the life of promise. Bishop Cooper give space to the of today to grow, learn and speak about God power and prayer.

At St. James House of Prayer with Bishop Eugene & Church Mother Jackie Cooper, we provide an opportunity to our members to speak freely of God's Word, and share their testimony of the goodness of God. Our services are very unique and each Sunday we provide an opportunity for each department to speak on what God has given them to share with the church. Our Minister's is ordain, trained, courteous and efficient to preach the Word of God.

We provide a variety of services including:

On 2nd Sunday, our Elders, Evangelist, and Minister preach the Word of God. Our men's department represent as the "Power Team" they preach the Word, and when they preach they bring their own fire. Each of them have their very own style of preaching. Our preachers are ordained to preach the God's Word. Our preachers are well educated with Degree's from an accredit college or institution with BS and Master Degree (while also pursuing their Doctoral Degree).
This service is design for Praise and Worship along with a Powerful Word from our Pastor. 

If you have any question concerning our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly administration staff will help find the best solutions for you.

Join Us In January 2022

Sunday School @ 10 am  and Morning Worship 11:15 am (Every Sunday)    

Tuesday  Night - Bible Study 8 - 9:15 pm

Thursday Night @ 8 pm - 9 pm Home Prayer (Entire Month of January 2022)

4th Sunday is our Women's day that is lead by our Church Mother Jackie Cooper
This service is very powerful, it is lead by the woman that heard the voice of God, and put it into action. Mother Cooper came to prepare the way for 
St. James House of Prayer. She is a woman of God, that has been serving the Lord for over 44 years. She is committed to Pray, Fasting, and doing the work of God. She has been chosen, and equip by God with Special Gifts. Also on this day the Mother's Board, Missionary and Evangelist speak during this service.

5th Sunday is our Sacrifice Day led by our Evangelist 
This service is design for members to make a sacrifice to God, and also received pray. This service is lead by our 5th Sunday Coordinator Evangelist Timothy Gordon. Evangelist Gordon has been serving the Lord since 1986 under the leadership of Bishop Cooper. Evangelist Gordon was delivered from drugs in 1986 by the power of prayer, and been free and clean with no desire to go back. He preaches the Word of God under the anointing of repentance.
Our Prayer Line is open
(407) 323-7637
(407) 764-0564
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                             PRAYERS LIST

                          Sister Almeco Pierce
                    The Robinson Family
                          The Jones Family
                     The Chandler Family
                           Andy Williams 
     Miami :Surfside & Family Members
                      The Raynor Family
                       The Hayes Family
                       The Hillery Family
                         The Giley Family
                        The Green Family

The State of Kentucky and surrounding State affect by storm

            Seminole County Sheriff                                    & Fire Department

         Volusia County Sheriff Office

     Sanford Police & Fire Department
             The United States of America
               Spiritual Leaders / Pastors
                     The Homeless
                               USA Soldiers
                                 9/11 Families

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St. James House of Prayer Vision Statement

St. James House of Prayer’s vision is that the Word of God would reach all people across cultures and regions; and that they would accept God’s Word and become followers of Jesus Christ, devote their time and talents to cultivating lives and use their spiritual gifts to serve each other and the community in which they live.

Location 2775 Celery Avenue Sanford, FL 32771​​
​                                                          Every Sunday at 10 AM - Sunday School 
Morning Worship @ 11:30 AM
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Opportunity for Learning and Growth in God

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, 
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, 
rightly dividing the word of truth

             This Week In Person                   Bible Study with 
Evangelist Kenneth Gordon 

JOIN US 1/4/2022 @ 8 PM 

               This Week Class Scripture: 
                    Revelation Chapter 8

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January 2022 
               Sunday School Lessons  
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Next Class 1/9/2022 @ 10 am

January 2022 Youth at Work - Message of Hope 
Hear It ** Live It ** Share It
Sunday School Home Study 
January_____, 2022
"Amazing Grace"  is a Christian hymn published in 1779. It is sung by believers from at least 50 different countries. Sing this song together and acknowledge His amazing grace. Listen to the relevant message of this week's lesson through "Amazing Grace" 
Sing It communally, Read the lyrics, or Listen online

(Revelation 7:15) We should live without fear or worry because Heaven is a place of protection. Therefore live as if you as if you are in heaven now, without fear or worry. God has already provide

This week share with your classmate, How can your church embrace unity rather than division in our nation, community, and church.