St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church Ministry 
Bishop Eugene & Church Mother Jackie Cooper, Pastor and Founders
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Church & Worship Location
2775 Celery Avenue Sanford, Florida 32771  
 (407) 323-8278 or (407) 323-7637 
Bishop Eugene & Church Mother Jackie Cooper, Pastor and Founders

Church Administrator - 
Lavoera Cooper (407) 764-0564
Our helpful staff is available Sunday through Saturday to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.

​For Prayer Request call: 
(407)-764-0564 or email us:    FaceBook:St.JamesHopchurch

In Need of Counseling or Suicide Assistance (Members Assistance) (407) 617-0593

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Mission Statement

Our Congregation is built on dedication and love to God and toward each other. 
A church that has a vision, to make a conscious effort to enhance the mission by providing stable communication 
and services to the local community. 

By the provision of spiritual guidance, counseling, and education, we will aspire to create compassion 
and love to make our community drug-free.

Celebrating 46 Years in the city of Sanford 1976 - 2022
"Greater Expectation in 2022

        Spring Calendar of Events June 2022       
                 Join us in worship this month 
Sunday School @ 10am
Morning Worship @ 11:30 - 1:30pm

  • Sunday Service for Sunday School and Worship    1st Sunday - 6/5 Youth Sunday -Youth Minister Aaron Hayes & Youth Department 
  • 2nd Sunday - 6/12 Men's Day -                                  Evangelist Elder Kenneth Gordon and Elders
  • 3rd Sunday - 6/19 Pastoral Day Worship Service with    Bishop Eugene Cooper & Altar Call - Father's Day
  • 4th Sunday 6/26 Women's Day with Mother Geraldine Kendrick & Mothers / Missionary


Masked are Required in church
Our church practice social distance. The sanctuary is very large and everyone is space out. You are welcome to Worship with us
If you're looking for high quality and a personal touch, you've come to the right place. Here at St. James House of Prayer of the Apostolic Faith Church we’ll give you the testimony, and live experience of leaders that have been called and sent by God. Love and opportunity you'll come to expect and enjoy.​ Learn more about our church
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Message of Hope
     Bishop Eugene Cooper             Greater Expectation 2022                            

           June 2022  Connect with Us! 
  Spiritual Education & Learning  

  • Bible Study Class for June-      The Book of Revelation          Class Dates: 
  • 6/7 - 6/14 - 6/21 - 6/28   Teacher: Elder Ken Gordon          Class Time 8:00 pm             In Person & Online              (FaceBook & Youtube) 

Community Events